If you are looking for a special look, natural or glamourous, we are here to create the look you want for your special day.

If you are going for a bold avante garde temporary tattoo, or fantasy look, we can do it! Airbrush makeup is for everyone! Children’s face painting, bridal,and special events. Airbrush makeup can also be used to cover tattoos or birthmarks. It is long lasting, light, smudge and tear proof. Dinair airbrush makeup is professional makeup used in bridal, and theater/movie industry.

How does it work?

A fine mist of professional makeup is sprayed with a small air compressor gently covering the skin, to give the appearance of a flawless compexion. The mist covers the skin lightly allowing the skin to breath, looking more natural and not exaggerating your pores. Airbrush makeup lasys all day long! One application is all it takes to have a beautiful face for your wedding, prom or any special occasion. Airbrsh makeip is water resistant and will not smudge with light toucihng. It can be applied on everyone, even men! It’s also hypoallergenic and sanitary to use.

The benefits of airbrush makeup include: a flawless finish, natural light weight, invisible look with full coverage, water resitant (will not come off with hugs, sweat, tears or humidity), it is good for all skin types, lasts all day, does not require touch-ups, and never looks cakey.


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